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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Things Need To Know While Going For A Home Loan

It’s amongst the best feeling when you find your dream home. Once anybody find its dream home all s/he need to get a home loan to pay for the same. Going for a home loan requires some efforts, but one can easily get a right home loan while following the below mentioned step without any [&hellip...

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How Hard Money Lender & Regular Mortgage Brokers Are Different

If your are in a mind set that Hard money lenders are just another type of mortgage brokers, then following are some of the points that will let you know that hard money lenders are actually very different from regular mortgage brokers. Private lenders vs. institutions Regular mortgage brokers work with institutions such as big [&hellip...

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Pre-approved Home Loan in California

While purchasing & investing money in residential, most people do not have ready cash to purchase the property. In such scenarios a buyer can secure a loan from bank or broker against the value of the property that need to be purchased, this is call as pre-approved loans. pre-approved loans are basically a process of [&hellip...

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Real Estate Most Recent News

Zell Is Cautious on Real Estate

Sam Zell gained the nickname "the grave dancer" in the early 1990s for buying beaten-down real-estate properties and riding them to huge recoveries. During the recent downturn, he rarely has made it to the funeral.

Standard Deviation in Manhattan

The owners of the Standard Hotel have resisted unsolicited offers for the trendy hotel. But now they have decided to put it up for sale.

Blackstone Revisits Hilton Debt Deal

As Blackstone Group prepares to return Hilton Hotels to the public market, it once again is planning a huge mortgage-backed securities deal that will test the debt market.

Developers Bet Big on Seattle

Office space is going up on faith that companies such as and Microsoft will fill it as the city's technology sector booms.

Hong Kong Infrastructure Costs Escalate

The scope of infrastructure development Hong Kong has in the works is extreme even by its standards, with the pace of construction taking a toll on labor availability and straining budgets

Behind Venezuela's Odd Property Boom

Venezuela seems an unlikely place for U.S. companies to buy commercial real estate. So why are DirecTV, Avon, GM and other firms snapping up office buildings in Caracas?